The Worst House Best Block Scenario Revisited…

Home Location

Realty Check: by Mary Ann Benevento DeMagistris Who wouldn’t want to buy a house on a block that looks like it was taken right out of a Norman Rockwell painting? A block where every home has character and every lawn is well manicured. Charming homes with white, picket fences and […]

Is dreaming about that perfect real estate transaction possible….Maybe!

Realty Check: Mary Ann Benevento DeMagistis To Dream the Impossible Dream….it may not be impossible after all… Connie and Anthony lived in Brooklyn their entire lives, born and breed….not bread, but if you are from Brooklyn you may argue that there is no better “Bread” than that which comes from Brooklyn. […]

First impressions make all the difference in the sale of a home

Realty Check: By Mary Ann Benevento-Demagistris How long does it take for a buyer to start forming an opinion of your home? What do you think….minutes? Try seconds! As they pull up the block the wheels are spinning.  The wheels kick into high gear as they look for a parking […]