Temporary fast ferry service is set up in Great Kills, Staten Island

Just an emergency transportation mode due to Hurricane Sandy most would like it permanent. Since the eighteenth century, public ferries have run to and from Staten Island and neighboring places. At one point, there were ferries all along the North, East, and West Shores. Never, however, has Staten Island seen a public ferry on […]

Meeting Tomorrow in New Dorp High School to Help Clear Confusion Among Sandy Victims

There has been much confusion among the victims of Hurricane Sandy regarding the city, state, and federal benefits. In an attempt to elucidate the many benefits available to these victims, Borough President James P. Molinaro will be holding a Town Hall Meeting tomorrow, on November 29th.  The Town Hall Meeting […]

Here are the recent home sales in Annadale, Staten Island from NYC Department of Finance.

Phillip Ave., Staten Island sky view

On the South Shore of Staten Island, there is the neighborhood of Annadale, which is split into two sections: Annadale and Southeast Annadale. The Annadale section of the neighborhood is filled with many modest homes, while the Southeast Annadale section is filled with more luxury-type homes. Along with the many […]

Staten Island, Alaska… Google’s recognition of Staten Island Forgotten Borough Status?

Well as Hurricane Sandy roared ashore here in Staten Island and across the Northeast one thing became apparent to many in the media, Staten Island commonly referred by residents here as the “Forgotten Borough,” was given national recognition as the Forgotten Borough. On Staten Island, Hurricane Sandy took its toll in property and more […]