#DoOrDon’t: Moving the Easy Way

Moving can be exciting, scary, and a world class pain in you know what for you and your family.  With a multitude of things to oversee, the physical aspect of moving your belongings from one home to another should, in theory, be a no brainer.  Right?  Well, at RealEstateSINY.com we […]

#DoOrDont: Social Media Usage

Being a company whose fundamentals rest primarily in the ever present world of social media, it’s only fitting that today’s do or don’t blog highlights social media etiquette.  More often than not, social media is used improperly primarily by younger generations.  However, don’t be naive in thinking adults aren’t misusing […]

Top Ten Movies filmed on Staten Island

Between the news of the prison being turned into a film studio on Arthur Kill Road and being big movie fans, we had to create this list. Did you know there are almost 300 listings for movies and television shows that used Staten Island as a location for filming? Now, […]