#DoAndDonts: Being A Super Fan!!

In light of this weekend’s May the Fourth Be With You, it appears to have stirred up up some Star Wars super fans. That being said, here at RealEstateSINY.com, we’ve come up with a list of do’s and don’ts of being a super-fan to help you reign in those excessive emotions and potentially keep you out of jail, or at least avoid a restraining order…

DO arrive early to special events.  No surprise here, with over three million people out to see Twilight on opening day, and over 130,000 people attending Comic-Con in 2013, I’d say it’s safe to say being early to fan crazed events might be a good idea.

DO wave your fan girl/fan boy flag and wave it proudly!  If something excites you, don’t let outside opinions affect you showing your pride!

DO start discussions with other fans.  FRIENDLY, and POLITE discussion!  You don’t always have to agree, but it’s important to respect the opinions of others.

DO put the books, comics, computers, and apps DOWN.  We get it, you’re dedication supersedes sleep, and other daily needs but don’t forget to leave your room every now and then and rejoin the human race.

DON’T Go Overboard.  Especially in the rare situation where you see your favorite actor walking across the street, or are in line to meet them at a signing.  Know your boundaries.  While you feel as if you know them, sadly, you’re one of thousands of people they meet and smile with on a regular basis.  Relax, breath, and be cool.

DON’T Claim you’re a bigger, more worthy, or truer fan than others.  While in your heart, you may feel this to be true, you’ll end up making more enemies than friends.

DON’T Force your super fan on someone else.  If they’re not enthused or excited, don’t force the people around you to constantly partake in your fan antics.

DON’T Compare your friends and/or other relationships to your favorite fictional characters.  Hard truth is they’ll never live up to your expectations and then where are you?

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