Tech Corner: Back to School Apps

The greatest element about being a student today is all the gadgets we have access to. Whether Apple or Android, there is an app to get everyone through the school year. While you may already have plenty of apps that you plan on using this semester, here is our pick […]

Tech Corner: Back to School Accessories

It is that time of year when we mourn our summer vacation days and begin getting ready to head back to school. Instead of dreading this time of year, look on the bright side: there are tons of sales, lots of shopping incentives, and brand new products to buy! You […]

20 Elise Court is a Clean, Bright Townhome Stands Tall and Elegant

In the Richmond Town neighborhood of Staten Island lies a friendly little development of townhouses. Along this private and quiet street, you will find an end unit townhouse for sale! 20 Elise Court is a residential one-family attached townhouse. It is three stories tall with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. […]

Tech Corner: A Gaming Tribute to Robin Williams

Robin Williams was known for his many iconic movie roles and the hilarious jokes, but not many people knew him as an avid gamer. Robin Williams was known for playing a variety of popular games: his daughter was named after The Legend of Zelda, he openly joked about not playing […]

Top Ten Statements That Will Make You Think Twice

Here at and, we like to playfully challenge each other. Whether it is a bet, a quiz, or a brainteaser, we like to find odd and exciting ways to keep us on our toes and always thinking. We have compiled a list of ten thought-provoking statements that had […]