Tech Corner: The Horrific Truth About Eliminating Net Neutrality

Imagine a frightening alternate universe where your Internet runs slower than the living dead. Minus the zombies, this alternate universe could be a reality soon. Earlier, we covered everything you needed to know about net neutrality, and now we have some updated news on whether or not we should be scared […]

“Shop Sandy Biz” Campaign, $17B Infrastructure Upgrades as Second Anniversary Approaches

Over the past two years, New York City has seen its share of hard times and recovery continues at a steady pace. On Sunday, October 26th, Senator Charles Shumer announced in front of the Whitehall Terminal that a total of $17 billion has been collected by New York State for […]

Tech Corner: Go Go Coffee Gadgets!

For many of us, morning coffee is a must! For some, one cup will just not cut it; we understand. This week in our Tech Corner, we have rounded up a list of coffee gadgets you can use on the go- so now you can ditch the “do not talk […]

Tech Corner: FBI Fears New Smartphone’s Settings

For everyday iPhone users, the main concern they have for their new iPhone 6 is if it may bend in their pocket; the instance of which is highly unlikely despite the rumors. But for the FBI, their concerns range wider. Apple and even Google has made their new software pretty […]

Tech Corner: The Inventions are Quirky!

Quirky is a website we discovered recently and automatically fell in love with! Here’s what they are all about: the company accepts submissions from everyday people with ideas for products they dream of inventing. With these submissions, they leave the decision in our hands to vote on our favorite ideas […]