Reminisce The Top Ten of 2014

We are about to close the book of yet another year. 2014 has been a wonderful adventure and we are ready for what is about to be in store for 2015. Before we welcome the new year in, let’s take a look back on top things to have had happened […]

Tech Corner: How the Lizard Squad Stole Christmas for Gamers

In the past week, anywhere you turn, there was a headline about The Interview and the controversy that has been surrounding it. Despite all the drama that is following this comedy, Sony still had all intentions distributing the film. The movie was released yesterday in selected theaters and various online […]

Tech Corner: Drive with Android Auto

It will not be out in time for this Christmas, but you are going to want to start saving up for next year! At the Google keynote conference earlier this year, they announced their newest feature Android Auto. They are already moving forward in plans on improving it. To sum […]

Top Ten Last Minute Holiday Gifts

Oh-No! You forgot to get a gift for someone on your list! Do not worry; it happens to the best of us. Do not fall into the stress of last minute shopping and give these gifts this holiday season. Homemade Kits. These are popular gifts to give this year. They […]