Top Ten Ways to Enjoy a Snow Day!

Whether you are excited about it or not, the snow season is here New York! Leave behind the huffing and puffing attitude of the snowfall, icy roads, and shoveling. Instead, enjoy this snow day with these 10 ways! Snuggle up and watch movies. There are plenty of weather matching movies […]

Tech Corner: Apple’s Crack Screen Protection Plan

A cracked iPhone screen is a situation we have either witnessed first hand, or have seen a friend suffer with. This is a problem we have all become a little too familiar with these days, and Apple has taken notice. The U.S Patent and Trademark Offices have awarded Apple with […]

Top Ten Sleeping Hacks For The Restless

Is it just us, or do you too find yourself tossing and turning a lot at night? We are all victims of occasional insomnia. We do all deserve to get the sleep we need, therefore let us avoid the restless nights with these top ten sleeping hacks! Have a set bedtime. […]

Tech Corner: Say Good-Bye to Charging Myths on Smartphones

It is time to come clean. Everyone has their myths when it comes to charging their phones. We are here to break down the top known myths and tell you the truth about them. Note: these tips work for both Apple and Android phones. “Off-brand chargers do not work” Off-brand chargers […]