Top Ten Sleeping Hacks For The Restless

Is it just us, or do you too find yourself tossing and turning a lot at night? We are all victims of occasional insomnia. We do all deserve to get the sleep we need, therefore let us avoid the restless nights with these top ten sleeping hacks!


  1. Have a set bedtime. It is beneficial to set a formal bedtime both psychologically and physically. Following this bedtime will get your mind to recognize the time and allow it to wind down and relax each night. Be sure you schedule your time for bed to grant you 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night!
  2. Create a peaceful sleeping environment. Make your bedroom feel like a comfortable and relaxing place to sleep at night. This means you should separate your workspace from your personal space! Create comfort on your bed by adding pillows and cozy blankets.
  3. Ditch the screens. Studies show that we should stop looking at screens at least one hour before we plan to go to sleep. Vow to yourself that you’ll only watch television in the living room and quit checking social media at night.
  4. Avoid eating late. Going to bed on a full stomach can actually make your mind work extra to digest the food. Besides the fact that eating late can lead you to eat more calories than you need. If you do get hungry at night, choose the right snacks: toast, cottage cheese, or cashews.
  5. Take a hot shower or bath. Taking a hot shower, or bath, two hours before bed can relax your body and get it ready to go to sleep.
  6. Relax. Did you have a stressful day? Unwind with the scent of lavender. The smell of lavender has a relaxing effect and can naturally make your tired. You can purchase a spray to spritz some on your pillows or get a lotion or essential oil for your skin.
  7. Drink tea. You should cut caffeine out of your system by 3 pm! By the nighttime, indulge in caffeine free tea. We personally enjoy and recommend sleepy time tea before bed. You can find this tea at your favorite grocery store.
  8. Read a book. You have ditched your phone and television one hour before bed. Now what? Replace the devices with a book! Be sure if you are reading off an e-reader, to lower the brightness to a reasonable level.
  9. Keep your room cool and dark. This technique dates as far back to the early humans who slept in cold dark caves. It is found that our body’s temperature naturally drops when you begin to nod off. Make sure your room is cool by turning on fans or the AC on low. Black out any light that would come into your room with a curtain or use a sleeping mask.
  10. Wake up earlier. Even if your schedule allows you to sleep late on selected days, try not to choose this option. It will mess up your sleeping schedule you have created. Make an effort to wake up early and go to bed at a reasonable time each night.


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