Tech Corner: Everything You Need To Know About The Amazon Dash Button

Amazon is a company that never seizes to amaze us! They offer more than we believe people realize. Prepare to be astonished by their newer service!

Amazon Home Services allows you to order professional repairs and other household assistance through the site. Apart of this program, they have introduced the Amazon Dash button. The Dash button is basically a button that automatically reorders a specific product you are running low on, with just one simple click of the button! It is that simple!

The set-up is quite easy as well. Just connect the button to your home’s Wi-Fi network and to your Amazon smartphone, or tablet, app. Next, select a product you would like to designate with that button. Then, with just one single click, it will automatically reorder that product. A notification will be sent to your phone when the button is press, just in case it was a mistake or you have changed your mind and you need to cancel the purchase. The button also knows not to respond to a secondly click until your first order has been delivered to your home.

The Amazon Dash button works with a variety of products. The Dash button is about two inches long and comes with reusable adhesives and a hook on the back so you can place it wherever you’d like in your home. You can purchase as many buttons as you please and designate each individual button to a different home product you often use. For insistence, add a button to your laundry room and designate it to detergent. When you are running low, click the button and in two days you will have a new container! Remember, the Dash button is only available for Amazon Prime members only!

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