‘Staten Island Summer’ Is Coming Soon To a Computer Near You!

When you think of the summertime on Staten Island, you think of pools, friends, and parties. “Staten Island Summer” is a Lorne Michaels movie and was written by Staten Island native and Saturday Night Live cast member Colin Jost! From what we have heard, this may be the Staten Island themed movie we have all been waiting for!

“Staten Island Summer” is a comedy movie about a hilarious group of misfit lifeguards, with a main focus on leading role Danny Campbell and his best friend Frank. These friends just recently graduated high school, trying to figure out their future, all while on the mission to throw the wildest party of the summer.

This movie will be exciting to see some of our favorite Saturday Night Live cast members walking around familiar places. You will be able to spot the Bayonne Bridge, Staten Island Ferry, Great Kills Swim Club, Jimmy Max, and Ralph’s Italian Ice! The comedy movie feature beautiful cinematography and a storyline we hope will finally help Staten Island get away from its negative stereotypes and shed light on the true suburban summer days here.

Colin Jost promises the movie will celebrate Staten Island, eliminating the stereotypes we have received from reality television shows; such as our accents or our “tan and gym” lifestyles. Instead, we have discovered that it targets almost any individual you would run into while living here.

The movie opens up saying “I grew up in Staten Island, New York. It might not sound like it, but I did.” Not all residents have the strong accents that is always joked about. Additionally, not all residents are super tan and obsessed with the gym. The characters, with the exception of one, will help prove this point.

It is safe to say we are the forgotten borough; it took Snapchat until last month to count Staten Island into the NYC Life Snapstory, that featured every other borough but us! Do you think this movie will put Staten Island back on the map in a positive light? Or will it keep us stuck under the stereotype driven rock? Let’s discuss!

The movie debuts on Netflix on July 31st. However, with a price of $12.99, you can watch it now on iTunes! View the trailer for another insight:



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