Top Ten Halloween Decorating Ideas for 2015!

Halloween marks the start of the holiday season! Before the stores declare it Christmas season, if they have not already, let us begin decorating with the spooky additions you must add into your delightful, yet frightful display. We give you the top ten Halloween decorating ideas for 2015!

  1. Floating Witch Hats Luminaries. Are you looking for a slightly spooky, yet magical Halloween front porch decoration this year? Try the DIY floating wicked witch hat that lights up!
  2. Classic Halloween Look. Decorate traditionally with a classic Halloween vignette. Arrange hay bales, mums, pumpkins, and dried corn stalks around the front of your home. Adding fake spider webs will add a nice touch to make it not-too-spooky.
  3. Countdown to Halloween. Last year, it was all about the “Enter at Your Own Risk” signs. Why not add a “Countdown to Halloween” sign next to the warning signs you have up? It should add a nice touch.
  4. Balloon Ghost. Hang some DIY ghost by simply placing a garbage bag or white cloth over a balloon and tie at the neck.
  5. Window Silhouettes. Creating decorative window silhouettes is an easy way to make your house haunted. From zombies to the headless horseman, to just hanging saws; cut out the stencils, place them behind a window, dim the lights, and the silhouette will show up!
  6. The Birds. Whether you are a fan of Edgar Allen Poe’s The Raven or Alfred Hitchcock’s film The Birds, you’ll be a fan of this decoration. Perch Ravens or Crows on bare branches, using pumpkins as the base.
  7. Get Batty. Spider webs are a great decoration, and they deserve a partner in crime! After adding false spider yards around the front of your home, complete the look off by pairing them with hanging bats.
  8. Zombie Graveyard. This Halloween seems to be the year of the zombies. Why not give your classic graveyard an upgrade? Instead of just hands rising up from the dirt, add a ghouls and corpses rising from the ground as well! Paired with the fog and music we suggested last year, it will make for a very creepy zombie graveyard!
  9. Haunted Tableset. Do not forget about the interior of your home when decoration. Make a haunted masterpiece table set by using blood dripping candle sticks, black roses, and painted pumpkins.
  10. Haunted Projections. Our second runner up in the Halloween Decorating Contest used our personal favorite decoration last year. We were so impressed by this addition, we added it this year’s top ten! Watch the video to see the home’s unique projection and visit our pinterest link here to see how you can duplicate it into your own home’s decorations!

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What are some Halloween decorations you love to use year after year? We always love to hear from you!! Share your thoughts by joining our conversation on Facebook and Twitter! Let’s discuss!

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