Rules and Information for’s 2015 Halloween Home Decorating Contest!

The most spooktacular time of year has kicked off with the third annual’s Halloween Home Decorating Contest! Submissions into the contest have been open for almost a week. We have received a line-up of many amazing and frightful homes. While the last of the entries submit their home’s into the contest, it is about time we announce the information and rules for this year’s contest.

This being the third year of this contest, we decided to change things up this year by adding in a panel of judges, and we are really excited to introduce them! Our first set of judges are the 2013 Halloween Home Decorating contest winners, Gina and Marty Pietanza! The next set of judges are the 2014 Halloween Home Decorating contest winners, Michele and Nunzio Renna! Our last judge is’s very own Mandy Mac!

2015 Judges

The judges will be apart of the contest as an additional score to your online votes. As stated above, this year’s contest will be running a little differently. Here is everything you need to know about the 2015 Halloween Home Decorating Contest:

  • Submissions into the contest closes October 15th. On this same day, the contestants entered into the contest will be contacted by our Public Relations department to schedule a filming date. Filming includes our team showing up to your home with our iconic mobile office van. We will be filming the decorations you have set up, and discussing any questions you may have about the contest in person.
  • Videos will go live on October 26th, at 12pm. This is when voting will begin. Votes are calculated by:
    1. Facebook Likes on video post= 1 point each
    2. Facebook Shares on video post= 1 point each (shares are limited to 5 per day)
    3. YouTube Likes on video= 1 point
  • Voting closes on October 30th, at 12pm. Each home will receive a score based on the point system above. This is how we will determine the Top 3 homes into the final round. PLOT TWIST: Judges will be able to add a fourth home into the final round. This home will be one that did not get many votes, but the judges thought deserved the recognition!
  • After the Top 4 are announced on October 30th, the judges will gather and submit their score for those homes. The judges will have to fill out a judging card that will focus on creativity and originally of the home’s display. The card will feature a rating system of 1 to 10. (A preview of the card will shown to the contestants during the filming days).  Once the scores, both the judges and social media scores, are counted and combined, this will decide the winner! The winner will be contacted by the team. Later that same evening, the team will show up to your home for a winning ceremony, and to present you with the prize: A dinner cruise for two around manhattan with limo service!

Have any questions? Do not be shy; join our conversation on Facebook! Be sure to remain active on our Facebook page, to always be up to date with things happening in the contest as well!

We cannot wait to see everyone’s delightful and frightful display!

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