Top Ten Movies to Improve Your Mood

Are we all feeling the Fall-back blues? Are school assignments, work schedules, and the cooler weather bringing you down? Watch these top ten movies that are sure to put you in a better mood!

  1. Midnight In Paris. Leave it to Woody Allen to make a film that is a literary daydream come true. Set in modern-day Paris, the plot centers around a struggling screenwriter that finds himself transported back in time to the 1920s, where he hangs out with prohibition-era artists such as F. Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. It is a magical movie with a surviving message.
  2. 21 Jump Street. The reboot of the famous 80s TV drama series took a hilarious turn. Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill’s characters are underachieving cops that are sent back to high school to solve and bring down a drug ring. With literally no downtime, this movie is enjoyable from start to finish!
  3. Despicable Me. An animated movie that can be enjoyed by the whole family! All ages can laugh along as Gru hatches his villainous plan, which includes thousands of minions, an old evil scientist, and three orphan girls. P.S.- The sequel and Minion Movie will help as well! 
  4. The Princess Bride. Growing up, we tend to lose touch with our imagination. This fairytale film will bring us back to our youth, reminding us of the simple things and the outrageous imagination that we should always hold on to.
  5. Billy Madison. Adam Sandler knew what he was doing when his production company made this movie. The story is bound to put you in an superb mood with the brilliantly stupid jokes and quotable lines, all while reminding us to always achieve our goals we set forth to do.
  6. Elf. It is fine to watch a Christmas movie before Christmas season. Will Ferrell as the blundering Buddy the Elf will surely put you in better spirits .
  7. Remember The Titans. This movie is a classic (and if you love sport themed movies, you just entered the end zone for a touchdown)! It is about a high school football team. You are shown their personal and professional obstacles and their ability to overcome them as a team, making them highly relatable and inspiring. It is an uplifting movie.
  8. Cool Runnings. If you need another uplifting, motivational movie, this one will work wonders. It is about a group of Jamaican-born natives who try to train for the Olympic bobsledding. The film is based on a remarkable true story.
  9. Up. Here is Another animated movie that is known to lift the spirits of audiences. The opening sequence will give you that quick cry you wanted, but then it is all uphill in this Pixar film.
  10. Legally Blonde. This is not a chick flick exclusively, nor a blonde-only movie; so do not write this comedy off just yet! Watch as Elle Woods proves everyone who doubted her intelligence wrong. After watching this movie, you’ll be fully motivated to take on the world!

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