Top Ten Tips On Saving Money While Organic Grocery Shopping

organic grocery shopping

We know that trying to eat the best food is a “want” on your list, but saving money is a “need”. Purchasing organic groceries can be expensive, especially since it seems the items are double the price as non-organic foods! If buying organic is a priority for you, here is […]

Tech Corner: How VR Will Be On Your Wallet!

On March 28th, 2014, we released the very first Tech Corner Blog discussing the Oculus Rift, originally developed and funded on Kickstarter, was a being bought by Facebook for 2 billion dollars. Last year, we updated you on its improving features. Now, the headset is known to have started the […]

Tech Corner: Apple Versing the FBI and Ransomware

Apple has been encircling the news for the past month, between the FBI case they are currently fighting in and the most recent ransomware attack on their computers. With the Apple event coming up next week, March 21st, we want to brush you up on the situations that have been […]

Top Ten Homemade Spring Cleaners

Spring is vastly approaching! We know you have been putting off spring cleaning (because we have too!) It is the time we finally get a move on it and get our homes refreshed with these top ten homemade toxin free cleaners! All Natural Bleach Alternative: 1 ½ cup of 3% hydrogen […]

Tech Corner: Amazon and Brita Create a Wi-Fi Pitcher

While creating a smart home would be ideal, not all of us could go out and afford a huge system installment to add to our homes. Instead, we opt for little smart devices that are cheaper and paired with an app or website. Hence, why we are so excited to […]

Top Ten Home Items To Add To Your Registry

Whether you are getting hitched this year or moving into a home with your spouse, these are the 10 items you are going to want to add to your wedding and/or home registry! These items are essential to a newlywed abode to help build a home [and life] together! OR, […]

Tech Corner: The Risk of Owning a Hoverboard in New York City

A hoverboard, as seen in Back to the Future ll, is a levitating board used for personal transportation. It is supposed to resemble a skateboard without wheels. However, the hoverboards we see today have wheels, resembles more of a segway without a handle, and can catch on fire. Hoverboards have […]

Top Ten Mistakes To Avoid When Remodeling Your Kitchen!

The kitchen is our favorite place in the home, and we want it to be yours! A lot happens in the kitchen, from cooking to socializing. It is a place that needs to be beautiful while also being functional. This raises some challenges. We have the Top Ten mistake your should […]