Top Ten Home Items To Add To Your Registry

Whether you are getting hitched this year or moving into a home with your spouse, these are the 10 items you are going to want to add to your wedding and/or home registry! These items are essential to a newlywed abode to help build a home [and life] together! OR, just items to have in your first home!

  1. Picture Frames: When adding things to a registry, you will typically consider only bed, bath, and kitchen items. We put picture frames to the top of the list because you will find this to be an important thing that was added. Especially after the wedding, or a big event, you are going to want to display those professionally taken photographs around your home. Now you have the frames for them!
  2. Serving Utensils: You can never be too prepared when it comes to hosting a dinner gathering with your friends and family. Serving utensils and place settings will come in handy. This also does not have to be limited to a dinner gathering but become useful for every meal cooked at home.
  3. Basic Dish Sets: A fancy China set would be nice, but is something that will only be used occasionally. Instead, register for everyday dishware and platters that will gain daily use and become more practical.
  4. Waffle Maker: This is one of those items you might not purchase for yourself but will be grateful when gifted to you. It is nice to change up the traditional breakfast by adding in a homemade waffle.
  5. Cookware: Good quality cookware is utilitarian! Try not to register on the cheaper end when it comes to cookware; it will only have to be replaced in a couple of years. Look into an All-Clad Stainless Steel set.
  6. Hampers: It is really easy to get caught up in appliances and central room’s’ decor, allowing you to forget the simple things you will need for a bath and bedroom. Registrar for a nice hamper; it is something that will be useful daily. [Click here for laundry day tips made simple!]
  7. Sheet Sets: This is another addition that will get good use. While receiving fancy napkins and entertaining stuff is nice, they sometimes end up rarely ever getting used. This is something you will need in a new home every day.
  8. Fancy Pillows: You added the bedding, including sheets, shams, lounge blankets, and pillow cases, but do not forget the pillows! Consider adding good pillows that promote healthy sleep. You can also add decor and throw pillows to the list.
  9. Holiday Linens and Interior Decorations: This is not necessary, but can be found useful during the holiday seasons, especially if you plan on hosting them for your first year in your new home! Register for nice pieces of linen or decor for each holiday that would last a lifetime!
  10. Vacuum Cleaner: Another item that will be put to use at least weekly! These are stuff you would not think to add, but wish you had after all.

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