Top Ten Ways to Decorate your Home for Spring Fever

We caught a little bug here at, and it is called Spring Fever! We are ready for the cold temperatures and snow days to be gone! It is out with the winter, and in with daylight savings, the sunshine, and SPRING! To keep up with this wishful thinking, accomplish Spring Cleaning, then try these top ten ways to update your current or new home with the latest spring decor trends!

  1. Two-toned kitchen cabinets. For a clean and timeless look, keep your upper cabinets white, or neutral. Then, go for a darker tone with various dark wood options or just a dark color for your lower cabinets. 
  2. Find your green thumb. It would not be spring without plants and flowers. Start a garden! This task does not have to limit you to only the outdoors; begin a herb garden in your kitchen using mason jars. This will be perfect for fresh cooking.
  3. Black stainless steel appliances. We discussed a new appliance color that is growing in kitchen trends.  Black stainless steel appliances can give a new polished and sleek look. More people are switching to the dark alternative color rather than the shiny silver metal. Are you next?
  4. Bidets. This is a trend that did not take off largely in America. However, now you can purchase a combination unit that is both a toilet and bidet. If you are planning on renovating your master bathroom, consider adding this two-for-one seat.
  5. Formal dining rooms. For a homeowner who host gathering frequently, having a designated space for entertaining dinners and special meals is ideal. In the dining room, more is less. Limit the amount of furniture you have in the dining room, keeping the space bright and roomy. Playing with color and patterns is another good tip for the dining room. The warm tones of brushed gold tableware will add finesse and sparkle to a once casual tabletop. A simple centerpiece where you can change every couple of months to match the season may do the tabletop the trick! For more tips on tablescape, click here!
  6. Heated floors. If you are renovating the bathroom or entryway in your home, consider putting heated tiled floors down. The bathroom is a popular spot; no one wants to wake up and walk into a bathroom with a cold tiled floor, especially in the winter. Same goes for the entryway; putting them in your entryway will help melt snow and dry your wet boots.
  7. Statement mirrors in bathrooms. Medicine cabinets are starting to phase out. The new look is all about statement mirrors in bathrooms. Think large wood-framed mirrors or vintage findings, or even custom shaped and framed hanging mirrors to boost the style in your bathroom.
  8. Tech-free spaces. Another growing trend within homes is creating a room that is free of technology. With our daily exposure to screens throughout the day, homeowners are recommended to create a calming space where they can read a book, talk with friends and family, or just sit quietly. Eliminating a room from digital distractions can promote these qualities.
  9.  Sunrooms. If you are a fortunate enough Staten Island resident to have a sunroom in your home, take full advantage of it!  A sunroom is a top dream space for many homeowners. If you do not have a sunroom, seek out a special sun-drenched corner in your home and decorate the space for comfort and relaxation. Two single seating chairs and a table will do the space justice.
  10. Attention-seeking bedrooms. A can of paint will certainly transform the look and feel of a room. If you want to go the next level, you’re going to need bolder ideas. One up and coming spring trend are adding rustic wood walls in your bedroom, preferably on the wall where your bed will be, to warms up the otherwise contemporary room.

Spring seems to be the season for making things different, colorful, and unique. Let us welcome the season with some home decor upgrades. If you are looking to purchase or sell a home this season, give our office a call: (718) 966-9669, or visit out website:

What spring home decorating tips are you going to try? We’d love to know! Share them in the comments below or join our conversation on Facebook!

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