Top Ten Reasons to Enjoy the Rain

April showers bring May flowers, but when we wake up and see those drops on our windows, we dread the day. We should appreciate the variety of weather we get living in New York. After the winter seasons we experience, raindrops should be a relief; at least, it is followed by warmer weather and you do not need to shovel it. Here are ten reasons why rainy days are a good thing!

  1. It’s a perfect excuse to stay in bed all day. We are not saying to call out of work or skip school every time it rains. (Stay responsable!) It just gives a good excuse to spend the day in bed when you do not want to do anything on the weekends.  It is fine to not want to move and avoid the soggy shoes and wet hair. We understand.
  2. Enjoy the sounds. As mentioned before, there are places that rarely get rain. When it comes around in New York, just stop and take a second to enjoy the raindrops against a surface; the tip-tap on the window. It is soothing.
  3. There’s no need to water the lawn or garden. Mother nature is taking care of that for us. And April is a perfect month to start a garden!
  4. Bake cookies during a rainstorm! It may just be a myth, but cookies always taste better when baked amidst thunder and lightning storms, right? Visit our Pinterest for our favorite cookie recipe to try during the next storm.
  5. Rainy day outfits! It’s not every day that rain boots are acceptable accessories. Take the opportunity to wear them!
  6. Have a rainy day marathon. Get your tea or coffee ready and sit down to watch Netflix for the day. Start a new show you have been meaning to watch, or try our favorite rainy day movies: Singin’ In The Rain, Almost Famous, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Silver Lining Playbook, and/or Side Effects.
  7. No need to worry about your hair today. A rainy day is a time to take advantage of hats, headbands, and ballerina-buns.
  8. Enjoy your pets’ reaction to the rain. Watching cats and dogs react to the rain is hilarious. They may not know where rain comes from, but they sure do know they want the catch it when they bang their paws on the window.
  9. Hopeless romantics. For all you hopeless romantics, this ones for you. Go out and get kissed in the rain. Taylor Swift sings about it, the Spiderman movie did it…it is obviously something worth doing.
  10. Get inspired. Write, draw, redecorate, cook something new. You are stuck in the house; why not make the best of it?

When the next rainy day comes, enjoy it! What do you enjoy doing most during a rainy day? Share them in the comments below or join our conversation on Facebook!
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