Top Ten Ways to Make Your Household Environmentally Friendly

Are you ready to celebrate Earth Day Trenders? Because we are! Allow to help you give your home the green thumb…or door handle, with these Top Ten tips and products!

  1. Get Solar Panels! Adding solar panels to your home, or local office, will be the best decision you make for the environment and your wallet! Solar panels can cut your electric bill in half!
  2. Just switch it off! If getting solar panels is not an option for your household, practice the use of turning off electronics and switches when you leave a room. Make sure all televisions, lights, and computers are turned off when you are not using them. You will see a major difference when you do this.
  3. OFF! As mentioned in the Tech Corner, you can install this smart door handle. With this handle, you will leave your home positive that nothing was left on mistakenly! Off door handle automatically turns off your main electricity, gas, or both, when you exit your home.
  4. Go Paperless! If your billing companies have the option, consider opting in for online statements only. If not, use the addition papers as scrap paper.
  5. Use cloth napkins. Instead of paper napkins, buy cloth napkins. This will limit the amount of waste. While you are washing your new cloth napkins, or load of laundry, consider using cold water instead of hot and air drying instead of using your dryer!
  6. Go Organic! It is time you become fully educated about the food you eat! There are a bunch of documentaries you can watch that will inform you about the process of foods us American’s consume daily and how the process may be effecting our body and environment! Check out Food Inc and Food Matters on Netflix.
  7. Avoid using plastic bags. When you go shopping, use reusable bags instead of plastic. They are better for the environment than disposable bags. Some stores even take money off your bills total for each reusable bag you have!
  8. Drive Less. Minimize the days you take to go around and do errands to one day. Additionally, if the stores or locations you are going to are nearby, consider walking or biking.
  9. Automated solar powered lawn mower robot. This is another awesome gadget from this Tech Corner. This robot will be able to mow your lawn for about 45 minutes before running on low power. Both the charging station and auto mower run off solar power.
  10. Swimpond. Thinking of getting a pool, or new pool in your backyard? A swimpond will be the best fit for anyone! It is a man made swimming pool that does not use bleach or chemicals, and can self clean!

For more tips and gadgets to make your home more energy sufficient and environmentally clean, check out our General Real Estate about Removing Indoors Toxins with Plants! If you have not yet, be sure to have checked out the Tech Corner with many gadgets and technology that are earth friendly!

What are some ways you make your household environmentally friendly?

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