Top Ten Foods To Always Have In Your Fridge

Our dearest busy bees! While we wish can make prepping meals our main task for the day, we sometimes do not have hours to prepare a gourmet breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Make your hectic days easy by making sure you always have these top ten foods to always have in your fridge!

  1. Eggs. While we highly recommend organic or non-G.M.O eggs, you can just purchase your preferable brand. Eggs are used in about 90% of recipes and are the easiest way to get our daily protein.
  2. Cheese. This ingredient is a fridge essential! It can be eaten alone, paired with crackers, or added to improve dishes! With the variety of cheeses out there, the taste can never leave you to grow bored.
  3. Bacon. Bacon, as we are learning, is just a necessary; it is becoming a daily demand and desire! Just like cheese, bacon can be used in so many ways and will make any dish you serve extra amazing: from classic BLTs and pasta carbonara, to bacon hash browns and breakfast tacos. (Are we going overboard with our bacon love?) Regardless, it is beneficial to have stocked in your fridge at all times.
  4. Buttermilk. Buttermilk is used for more than just cake and other baking recipes. It is ideal for making the perfect pancakes, biscuits, dressings, chicken, and dumplings.
  5. Milk. It is another key product to always have in your fridge. Pick up the milk you prefer the most; whole, soy, almond, two percent, (etc)!
  6. Butter. Butter is majority the base to almost any dish being made. It is used to cook meats, fish, vegetables, and desserts. Be sure to always have a package of sticks and a tube of butter handy in your refrigerator drawer.
  7. Frozen Vegetables. While buying fresh vegetable would be the better choice, getting packages of frozen vegetables will better off so they do not go bad easily. These will be perfect for the nights you need to throw a quick meal together. Cook some pasta and add your greens!
  8. Meats. Whether it is chicken, steak, or sausage, they will make the main ingredient to a quick and delicious meal! Once again, another great way to get your daily intake of protein.
  9. Cooked Quinoa. It is the best way to get every source of nutrition you need in the day. Quinoa is useful to have already prepared and stored in your fridge. It can be added to salad, sautés, and even wraps!
  10. Baking soda. Not only can you use it for cooking, it will keep your refrigerator fresh inside!

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