Top Ten Different and Creative Things to do With a Mason Jar

We have not only noticed (and love) the chalkboard paint trend, we have also taken awareness to the Mason jar trend. They are no longer just for storing jam; they are everywhere! Here are 10 different and creative things you can do with a Mason jar!

  1. Make an oil lamp. This is simple and will come in handy for the summer nights you want to sit outside and repel bugs. Just fill the Mason jar two-thirds full with lamp oil. Allow the cotton wick to soak in the oil for an hour before lighting. Make a hole in the lid for the cotton wick to go through.
  2. Use as storage. Not only are they perfect for storing sauce and jam in, they make great storage containers for bathroom needs: cotton balls, cotton swabs, applicators, etc. It also makes great storage for craft supplies, sewing supplies, office supplies, or even a great way to organize and store bolts, screws, and nails.
  3. Make an indoor garden. As we mentioned in our Top 10 Ways to decorate your Home for Spring Fever, Mason jars are a great way to start an indoor garden. We mentioned how the herb garden will look great in your kitchen and will be perfect for fresh cooking! You can try planting flowers. Just be sure they get enough sunlight!
  4. Candles. They make excellent candle holders, or you can make candles out of them! Follow this helpful tutorial we put on our Top Ten List Pinterest Board.
  5. Paint the jars. Fill the bottom of the Mason jar with acrylic paint and then turn upside-down in a plastic bowl to let the paint drain out. Pinterest tutorial here!
  6. Turn them into a soap dispenser. This is a simple craft. Use a pump from any dispenser and drill a hole into the lid.
  7. To go containers. If you are tired of the Tupperware, you can start packing your breakfast or lunch in a Mason jar. This can be perfect for a summer picnic or just a work day in the office. A yogurt parfait or salads are ideal for this. And they are much cuter than the standard Tupperware.
  8. They can be an easy place setting. Having a dinner party this summer? Instead of the usual set-up or plastic ware, use Mason jars. Add the napkin and utensils into the jar. Once the jar is empty, it can be converted to be used as the guests’ cups!
  9. Speaking of summer parties… use the Mason jar as pre-made cocktails for parties. Instead of wasting plastic and money on red solo cups, you can have already made drinks in Mason jars stored away in coolers, keeping the drinks cold, and the jars left to be reused.
  10. S’mores. To continue on with the summer activities…if you do not have a fire pit in your backyard, making S’mores may not be an option, until now! Fill the Mason jar with crumbled up gram crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows, then bake in the oven. This will also contain the mess an s’more usually makes. Pinterest tutorial here!

Are you going to use any of these Mason jar tactics? Have another use for a Mason jar? We’d love to hear from you! Join our conversation on Facebook!

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images source: Pinterest,  justimagine, somethingturquoise

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