Tech Corner: Video Chat with Your Pet Using PetChatz

It is heartbreaking when you are leaving your home and look at your dog to see them sitting there all sad that you are going. However, nothing beats that end of work day feeling, returning home and seeing them all happy you’re back! Well, what if we told you that feeling can come sooner than after 5 PM with PetChatz!

PetChatz allows you to feel as if you can be with your pet from anywhere throughout your day. During the moments you miss your pet the most, simply connect with your computer, tablet or smartphone to video chat with your dog or cat! They see you, hear you, and you can even throw them treats through the device.

Pet safety was the company’s number one design when creating this USA-made product. PetChatz is  small, sleek, chew-resistant that last a lifetime.

To connect with your fur friend, simply mount the PetChatz unit over an electrical outlet in your home and screw into the wall. When securely installed, it is safe for your gets and cannot be damaged (as mentioned above). The wall mount connects to your home’s WiFi, giving you access to connect through your smart device or computer. Fill your unit with treats and it is ready to go!

Now you can check in with your cat or dog from anywhere at anytime! A special ringtone will go off to alert your pet that you’re calling. The PetChatz has a colored screen so your pet can see you while you see them! Dispense snack, say hello, and even record a video to share.

For an additional purchase, the company also offers a PawCall button which allows you pet to press when they want to speak with you!

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