Top Ten Snacks That Are Cheaper To Purchase On Amazon

Amazon is known for basically having everything and anything you would possibly need, from movies to gadgets, to even clothes. If you are a Prime member, it is even more beneficial for you with free two-day shipping. This being said…have you considered purchasing food on Amazon? If not, you should! Below, we listed the Top Ten snacks ideal for any family that you can purchase on Amazon and would be cheaper than buying at your local supermarket, whether you are a prime member or not!

  1. Kind Bars! Being a bestseller on Amazon’s Grocery Store, these granola bars are $14.29 ($13.58 for Prime members) for a 12-pack. This makes each bar only $1.19 each. Besides the savings, you will also notice Amazon offers flavors that most store nearby does not carry for this product, as well as  for several of the products below!
  2. Nuts for Nuts! For a delicious and healthy afternoon snack, skip having to purchase these individually every day. Sahale Snacks Nuts Blend is $23.90 for 12 bags of nut mixes that come in a variety of different flavors! Rather something more simple for your midday snack? The Wonderful Raw Almonds is $16.53 for a box of 12; making them $1.37 pre sleeve bag.
  3. Rip Van Wafels: If you purchase these treats each time you go to Starbucks, you may want to consider the bulk order on Amazon. At Starbucks, you are paying $1.95 per package. On Amazon, you can get a 16 for $24.99. This would be $1.56 per package; a 39 cent difference, making it a total savings of $6.24 for all 16 wafels. This is also one of those products that offer much more flavors on Amazon.
  4. Pepperidge Farms Milano Cookie Tub: A tub of cookies…YES PLEASE! A tub like this can go for almost 20 dollars in stores such as Target. However, this tub only goes for $9.30 on Amazon. That is only 47 cents for each two-cookie pack.
  5. Nonni’s Almond Dark Chocolate Biscotti! For another tub of cookies, this tub of 25 Biscotti cookies can cost you $25 at Target. On Amazon, it will only be $17.40.
  6. Fruits Snacks for both Kids and Adults! For you younger ones, Amazon sells Annie’s Organic Fruit snacks. A 24-pack box goes for $17-$22 dollars in a local store and only goes for $14.92 on Amazon. For adult fruit snacks, Peeled Snacks are $17.80 on Amazon for a 10-pack. On the store website, that same order can go for a total of $22!
  7. Chips! There is a variety of chip options on Amazon, but we narrowed down a couple of options and flavors based on the best savings. For the original potato chip lover, the Kettle Chips sampler box of 30 bags comes in flavors like Sea Salt and Vinegar, Sea Salt and Pepper, Backyard Barbeque, and Jalapeno goes for $23.85 (80 cents per bag). Food Should Taste Good Chips has a 24-count sampler pack for $25.74, while Terra Real Vegetable Chips can be purchased for $17.99 for a 24 snack bag option. These are great savings since some of these normal sized chips bags can go for up to $4.00 in supermarkets! And for those seeking an, even more, healthier and all natural option, go for the Bare Organic Apple Chips, or the Bare Toasted Coconut Chips. These are sold on Amazon for $21.43 for a pack of 10-bags pre-flavor. 
  8. Pretzels! Rather have a salty snack? Then opt in for Snyder’s of Hanover Variety Pretzels. This is a case of 36 Pretzel bags that cost $11.99 for the box! That is 33 cents per bag.
  9. Boom Chicka Pop! Cannot decide whether you want a sweet or salty snack? No problem! A box of 24 Boom Chicka Pop popcorn bags come with 12 bags of sea salt flavored and 12 bags of sweet and salty flavors! Not only is your problem solved, but it will only cost you $23.98 for all 24 bags!
  10. Vita Coco Coconut Water! For those for like to drink Coconut water to stay hydrated, or like to add to smoothies for extra flavoring, the Vita Coco cost $13.98 for a 12-pack. This comes out to $1.17 pre-container, which is WAY cheaper than what they go for in supermarkets.

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