A Handful of Homes to be Built on Staten Island

The New York City Department of Buildings recently released their Weekly Statistical Report for new residential permits accepted between September 29th and October 5th.  The report showed that five new residential building permits were accepted for Staten Island.

Out of these five new permits, they were all accepted in October.  That leaves the month of September with fifty-seven residential permit acceptances, which is twenty-seven more than what we saw last year.  Our total new residential permit acceptances for the year so far has reached three hundred and thirteen.  It seems that the population of Staten Island is growing with all these new homes to be built.

With these five new residential permit acceptances, four of them are in the Mid-Island section of Staten Island, and one of them is on the North Shore.  Here is a look at the new permit acceptances:


  • One one-family semi-attached home in Bulls Head
  • Two one-family attached homes in Bulls Head
  • One two-family semi-attached home in Bulls Head

North Shore:

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