“Shop Sandy Biz” Campaign, $17B Infrastructure Upgrades as Second Anniversary Approaches

Over the past two years, New York City has seen its share of hard times and recovery continues at a steady pace. On Sunday, October 26th, Senator Charles Shumer announced in front of the Whitehall Terminal that a total of $17 billion has been collected by New York State for […]

Can Non-Profit Agencies Fill in Gaps Left by City Government?

Because of stalling progress on the storm recovery front, many Hurricane Sandy victims are turning to smaller, non-profit organizations for the help they need. Now twenty months have passed since Hurricane Sandy hit New York, and other than a handful of state buyout recipients, a majority of storm survivors are […]

Hurricane Arthur Leaves Some Uncertainty for New York City and The Northeast

Tropical Storm Arthur became a hurricane today and is headed north, gaining strength. The Category 2 storm just passed Georgia’s Atlantic coast and will be making landfall in North Carolina tomorrow, July 4th according to the latest data. Continuing to put a damper on the holiday weekend, Arthur is predicted […]

New York State Buyout Program to Include Graham Beach

The New York State Buyout Program has been expanded again, and this time homeowners in Graham Beach are eligible for a reprieve. The Mid-Island neighborhood joins Ocean Breeze and Oakwood Beach in the state-sanctioned home buyout program, it was announced this past weekend. Hurricane Sandy damaged communities must lie in […]