Has it come time to give Wolfe’s Pond Park a new name?

Nearly A year after Hurricane Irene came through, not much is happening to restore Wolfes Pond after storm surge breaches the natural barrier.

When it comes to hurricanes, the biggest factor most people think about is flooding.  What many people do not consider, however, is that a hurricane can cause the exact opposite—a drought.

When Hurricane Irene was on her way last August, we were preparing for the worst, but while we were worrying about the effects she would have on us humans, we did not take into consideration the impact she would have on Staten Island’s other organisms.

Once Hurricane Irene had passed over Staten Island, the berm which separated Wolfe’s

Aerial still of the breach in the natural barrier at Wolfes Pond, Staten Island.

Pond from the Raritan Bay was destroyed.  When this happened, the freshwater that had once filled the park’s namesake flowed toward the ocean.  As a result, all of the inhabitants of the pond had died.

It has been almost a year since Hurricane Irene struck the Island.  In that time, close to nothing has been done to restore Wolfe’s Pond and for once, it is not the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation who is to blame.

Since it is under their jurisdiction, the Federal Emergency Management Agency was supposed to repair the berm so that Wolfe’s Pond could revert back from the muddy mess it is now.  For whatever reason, however, the Agency has yet to supply us with the funds needed to restore the pond.

While we await the arrival of these funds, it is becoming less and less likely that Wolfe’s Pond will be able to be restored.

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