Staten Island Streets May Be Becoming Safer In Coming Months

Some of Staten Island’s streets will become safer in future months.

On Friday, August 2nd, Assemblyman Michael Cusick announced that all schools, statewide, will be becoming safer. Starting November 1st, there will be a new law that will prohibit U-turns in school zones during posted hours. This bill was passed by Governor Andrew Cuomo to continue with making streets safer, like the slow zones and new speed cameras that could be installed in some school zones as a pilot program.

Along with this bill, there will also be safety additions to the Lamberts Lane and Seldin Avenue intersection and to the Christopher Lane/Lamberts Lane and Richmond Avenue intersection. The Department of Transportation is in the process of studying these intersections to add safety measures. The intersection of Lamberts Lane and Seldin Avenue will be seeing a new street light by the end of September. Back in February the Department of Transportation did a study to see if this light was needed and while it didn’t meet federal guidelines the lighting study suggested otherwise. The intersection of Christopher Lane/Lamberts Lane and Richmond Avenue might be seeing a cross walk countdown added. This intersection is a hectic one; with the firehouse on the corner, the new senior residence across the street, and the express bus stops it is just an accident waiting to happen. At the end of July/beginning of August, the Department of Transportation started to study this intersection for the countdown crosswalk and possibly other pedestrian safety measures. Once they complete this study the safety improvements will be installed.

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