Twenty-One Homes to be Built on Staten Island

For the week beginning September 22nd and ending September 28th, the New York City Department of Buildings’ Weekly Statistical Report showed twenty-one new residential building permit acceptances just for Staten Island.

Adding these twenty-one permits to the already-accepted ones for September, our new monthly number is up to fifty-seven.  This is the highest number any month has seen since March, when sixty-seven permits were accepted for Staten Island.

These permits also pushed our total number for the year up to three hundred and eight.  With two more days of September to look at and three more months of the year, we could see a large number of permits accepted overall.

Out of the twenty-one new residential permit acceptances, eighteen are for the Mid-Island of Staten Island, while three are for the North Shore.  Here is a look at what the permits were accepted for:


  • Three one-family semi-attached homes in Bulls Head
  • Nine one-family attached homes in Bulls Head
  • Four one-family detached homes in Travis
  • One two-family detached home in Travis
  • One one-family detached home in Oakwood

North Shore:

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