Tech Corner: Earth Day Gadgets and Technology

We all celebrate our dearest Earth on April 22nd and what better way to celebrate it then by protecting our environment! Saving energy and water has become very simple with all the gadgets and technology we have available to us! Smart Lightbulbs: Just turning off lights when leaving a room is […]

#DoOrDon’t: Buying a Home

  DO! Plan Ahead!  An outline of your plan should include: determining if buying a home is smart for you, getting pre-approved for your loan, and studying the basics real estate market. Research the neighborhood! Choose the right community for your family. Identify the neighborhoods you like, and view homes in […]

Tips for Those Looking to Quickly Decorate for Halloween

Still looking to decorate your home for Halloween?  Check out these cheap and easy tips found around the internet to Quickly Decorate for Halloween. Do you have a nice lawn display, but feel the house itself is lacking key elements?  Why not make some silhouettes to put in the windows […]