Top Ten Snacks That Are Cheaper To Purchase On Amazon

Amazon is known for basically having everything and anything you would possibly need, from movies to gadgets, to even clothes. If you are a Prime member, it is even more beneficial for you with free two-day shipping. This being said…have you considered purchasing food on Amazon? If not, you should! […]

Top Ten Tips For First-Time Home Buyers!

You are ready to take the next step in your life; you are ready to buy your first home! Buying a home is both exciting and nerve-wrecking for first time home buyers. While we cannot tell you exactly what there is to expect since every transaction has a different story, […]

Top Ten Reasons To Attend Our New Jersey Adult Housing Seminar This Week! and The Crossing Bridges team have partnered together to organize an event for YOU! This Thursday, September 15th, at 6:30 PM, they will be holding a New Jersey Adult Housing Community Seminar at 4001 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island! Here are the Top 10 reasons why you should join us […]

Top Ten Reasons To Sign Up For SI-DEX

Technology has played a great role in helping consumers make better choices in home purchases, values, and more. has recognized that and launched a new website:! SI-DEX is a home valuation system for Staten Island residents! While we can go into a full introduction explaining what it is […]

Top Ten Bulk Foods to Purchase at Costco


We are back on the topic of the wonderful secrets that are within Costco. We have gathered the ten money savings tips when shopping there, but do you know the best foods to purchase at Costco? The store produces giant sizes of food that can be a bit overwhelming, especially […]

Top Ten Ways to Relieve Your Seasonal Allergies

Upon the arrival of a new season, also cues in the sneezing, the itching, and the coughing fits. There is no reason you should miss being outdoors due to allergies. Here are our top ten ways to relieve you from seasonal allergies! Eating. Changing your diet can solve almost any […]