Can Non-Profit Agencies Fill in Gaps Left by City Government?

Because of stalling progress on the storm recovery front, many Hurricane Sandy victims are turning to smaller, non-profit organizations for the help they need. Now twenty months have passed since Hurricane Sandy hit New York, and other than a handful of state buyout recipients, a majority of storm survivors are […]

Hurricane Arthur Leaves Some Uncertainty for New York City and The Northeast

Tropical Storm Arthur became a hurricane today and is headed north, gaining strength. The Category 2 storm just passed Georgia’s Atlantic coast and will be making landfall in North Carolina tomorrow, July 4th according to the latest data. Continuing to put a damper on the holiday weekend, Arthur is predicted […]

De Blasio Vows to Bring Affordable Housing to New York City

Our Mayor wants to put working class families back on the map. On Monday, May 5th, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio announced to citizens that his administration will be allocating a total of $41 billion toward the creation and maintenance of 200,000 affordable housing units throughout the five […]