Why Sell With Us

Home Buying and Selling for Today’s Market, Not Yesterday’s




90% of home buyers use the internet to find their next home.


The internet is today’s most indispensable home search tool- 9 out of 10 buyers will view a home online before they schedule a walkthrough. Yard signs, open houses, and newspaper/magazine ads pale in comparison to the exposure you will get on the web.

The far-reaching power of the internet is our cornerstone- but that’s just the beginning of what we offer. Prodigy draws on all the marketing strengths the world wide web has to offer: video, aerial drones, catchy and SEO-friendly writing and social media marketing.

Through our combination of creativity and technology, we let each home tell its own story. By showcasing the uniqueness of each home, we allow it to stand apart from the crowd through effective and innovative marketing. What does this mean for you? More people viewing your property, more showings, and more offers.

Prodigy is different. We don’t just make your home easily searchable; we put it right in front of buyers in ways that others don’t. Take a look – we think you’ll agree.


Multimedia for Real Estate

Letting our audience dig deeper into listings, news, and neighborhoods- broadening exposure!

Prodigy is not your typical real estate company, but an entire media channel for Staten Island real estate!

  • Full Home Tours: We produce in-house professional HGTV style video home tours for qualifying properties! Users get an inside look at your home presented from only the best angles and with the help of a host and unique script created just for you. Your home’s video can reach hundreds or even thousands of viewers globally!
  • 4k Aerial Drone Video: Smooth, crisp aerial video adds a sophistication to your home’s marketing. Not only will the public see your home in a new and impressive way, buyers get a snapshot of the surrounding neighborhood too!
  • Neighborhoods Profiles: Buyers want to learn everything about the area they are investing in. In addition to aerial neighborhood video snapshots, we also feature in-depth profiles of each Staten Island neighborhood on both our website and Youtube Channels.
  • Interviews: Have a real estate question? There’s a good chance our brokers, realtors and staff have made a video on the topic! Learn about subjects ranging from getting your home sold fast to new developments coming to Staten Island!
  • Live Video: Our team goes live on Facebook to discuss unscripted real estate news affecting you- from monthly real estate market reports to the questions you should ask your agent! You can jump on with us if you have questions or suggestions.
  • Home Blogs: Each home listed with us is entitled to a full blog writeup with photos describing your home inside and out. Each detailed entry also highlights local parks, schools, transportation and other amenities. We promote each blog to our social media platforms, and they are among our most popular posts.

Proactive VS. Reactive Leadership

An Online Marketing Approach That Really Works!

You can’t be a leader simply by following another leader. Yet even in these changing times, most real estate companies still employ a reactive “follow the leader” strategy. They are successful only until the next company comes along with a new and better sales pitch.

At Prodigy, we’re proactive. Whether searching via search engine or just browsing social media, our website’s results are one of the very first audiences will see. Your home will be listed on a website indexed among the top Google results and one of Staten Island’s largest social media networks.

  • We feature every property on Staten Island: Then we go a step further by organizing these properties by community. Buyers can easily narrow their search to Randall Manor, Bay Terrace, or any other Staten Island neighborhood they want to call their new home.
  • We provide in-depth analysis of each community: Which neighborhood is best for this particular buyer? Our analysis features info on each neighborhood to help them compare, from parks to all other listings for sale in that community.
  • We display valuable information on each home: From the listing page, buyers can instantly view each home’s photos, price, number of bedrooms, and more. They can inquire, bookmark, or schedule a showing just like that! And unlike too many well-known national real estate websites, our site is updated constantly to keep each Staten Island listing current.
  • We open more doors for buyers and sellers: Buyers can choose their area of interest, property type (one family detached, condo, etc.), and desired price range. By saving their criteria, users receive an instant email alert when a new home meeting their requirement has just been listed!

It’s a win-win. Buyers get a much more complete approach to the home buying experience. Sellers get qualified traffic – buyers who are truly interested in their home!

And there’s more good news! When a seller lists with us, their home will be displayed as a prominent feature listing on the homepage as one of the first things visitors see!

Smart, Targeted Social Media

Too often, real estate companies underestimate the enormous power of social media. With more than 2 billion users, Facebook is the largest social network and spans users of every demographic. Using Facebook profiles, we can target our listings and videos based on location, age, gender and more – putting your home in front of the right demographic of buyer. We don’t simply wait for buyers to find us.

Our extensive social media following gets thousands of views per month!

  • Video marketing: Did you know that social media video increases shares by 1,200% over text and images alone? Video marketing is extremely powerful in not only reach but retention – 90% of viewers retain a message through video compared with 10% when reading text. And yet, most real estate companies do not incorporate video marketing into their listings at all, instead using the same old strategies they learned decades ago.
  • Great photos: When it comes to marketing your home, great photos are a big deal. We provide agent training and professional equipment to take photos of your home with the best techniques and angles. We pair quality photos with thoughtful social media copy, strategic links, and hashtags.
  • Cross-platform marketing: In addition to Facebook, we market homes on Pinterest, Instagram, and Youtube. This boosts our listings in search engines, and users also enjoy looking at homes while they browse feeds in leisure time.

In short, social media works. It engages users and makes them part of the conversation. It’s fun, increases search engine rankings, and generates interest in your home without “selling.”

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