Top Ten Truths About Home Ownership

Whether this is the first time you are buying a home, or you have been a homeowner for decades, it is never too late to learn new ways on how to save money during the process and become aware with the truths about home ownership. Financial ducks. Down payments, mortgage, […]

Tech Corner: The Keurig Is Now “Kold”!

The Keurig Kold will work just like any other Keurig single cup coffee maker! However, this machine will make more than just coffee. The Keurig Kold is an on-demand machine, freshly making cold beverages of your choice! With the most coolest options yet, the Keurig Kold can make soda, cocktail […]

Tech Corner: CES 2016’s Smart Home Technology to Watch Out For!

Last week, CES 2016 was in full swing, debuting the newest technology to come to the market; introducing growing trends and demands for drones, wearable devices, and smart home technology! Now that the Las Vegas convention is over, we have the five smart home technology trends you are going to […]

Top Ten 2016 Interior Design Home Trends!

It is time to upgrade your home from the 2015 style by adding in the newest trends to come out this year! You are in for a real treat, homeowner! Here are the Top Ten 2016 interior design home trends: Color of the Year. Pantone’s color of the year are […]

Tech Corner: Technology GONE in 5 years!

While CES 2016 is in full swing, debuting the newest technology to come to the market very soon, we want to take a notice on devices and techniques that have been very helpful in our daily lives. These follow five things are granted useful, but may be gone by the […]