Tech Corner: Marathon Laundry Machine is a Washer And Dryer In One!

It is time to rethink the laundry system! Washer and dryers have been one home appliance that has the least advancement within the last 70 years. If a dishwasher can wash and dry your dishes, why can that not be the same for laundry machines? The average U.S. household does […]

Top Ten Costco Secrets for Saving Money on Staten Island!

Here on Staten Island, we can agree that going to Costco is the best place to shop when you want to purchase in bulk and pay low prices! Especially if you want to shop and snack! The store offers some of the best low deals and daily savings. Save even […]

Tech Corner: Hydrao, The Smart Shower with Great Savings

We have a growing love for smart home product and this one has just moved to the top of our list! This device explains it all in its slogan: Hydrao is a smart shower for smart savings. This device was invented by a French company that gained its beginning on […]

Top Ten Reasons to Have a Pet at Home

There are approximately 1.1 million pets in New York City, estimating about one pet for every three households. If you are one of the few New York City residents that do not have a pet, here are the top ten reasons why you should adopt a cat or dog of […]

Tech Corner: AutoMist, a Fire-Targetting System and Extinguidor

A sprinkler system is most commonly installed in apartment buildings, but if you want one inside your home, it is not unheard of. Instead of being traditional with the original sprinkler system that are roof-mounted and spray water in all directions when a fire has triggered it, damaging a lot […]

Top Ten Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day can either be an exciting day or a dreadful day. It should not matter if you are in a relationship or living the single life; the fourteenth should be an enjoyable day for everyone to spread love! With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we put together a […]

Tech Corner: Can You Trust The NYC WiFi Hubs?

As part of the LinkNYC Project, the first of New York City’s WiFi Hubs went live on January 19th. The hubs are offering free WiFi to anyone only 150 feet from its location, and will also be equipped with USB charging ports and custom, built in tablets for browsing the […]

Top Ten Reasons To Go To Miller’s Staten Island Ale House!

Whether you’re looking for a place to watch the Super Bowl this Sunday, somewhere to hang out for the next fight night, or just an outing with friends, we have just the place for you! Here are the Top Ten reasons why your next dinner should be at the Miller’s […]