Top Ten Costco Secrets for Saving Money on Staten Island!

Here on Staten Island, we can agree that going to Costco is the best place to shop when you want to purchase in bulk and pay low prices! Especially if you want to shop and snack! The store offers some of the best low deals and daily savings. Save even […]

Top Ten Reasons to Have a Pet at Home

There are approximately 1.1 million pets in New York City, estimating about one pet for every three households. If you are one of the few New York City residents that do not have a pet, here are the top ten reasons why you should adopt a cat or dog of […]

Top Ten Money Saving Tips

Are you beginning to break your New Year’s resolution to save more money? We do not want to see you fall off track. Follow these top ten money saving tips to keep your pennies growing! Practice the 30-Day rule. Are you thinking of making a purchase? Whether it is a […]

Tech Corner: Made By Google i/O Breakdown!

The Made By Google event happened on October 4th, giving us all a Tuesday to look forward to, and sure did it succeed that! The event was filled with the announcement of many new products, including stuff for your home, and tons of jokes punching disses  towards Apple. Google Assistant: […]

Top Ten Snacks That Are Cheaper To Purchase On Amazon

Amazon is known for basically having everything and anything you would possibly need, from movies to gadgets, to even clothes. If you are a Prime member, it is even more beneficial for you with free two-day shipping. This being said…have you considered purchasing food on Amazon? If not, you should! […]

Tech Corner: Throw The Best Football Tailgate With These Gadgets!

Music, food, games, and team spirit is some of the plays you need in order for you tailgate party to be a TOUCHDOWN! We are all about having technology help us accomplish this! That is why we searched for some gadgets you should have for your next football tailgate party, […]

Top Ten Tips For First-Time Home Buyers!

You are ready to take the next step in your life; you are ready to buy your first home! Buying a home is both exciting and nerve-wrecking for first time home buyers. While we cannot tell you exactly what there is to expect since every transaction has a different story, […]

Tech Corner: Video Chat with Your Pet Using PetChatz

It is heartbreaking when you are leaving your home and look at your dog to see them sitting there all sad that you are going. However, nothing beats that end of work day feeling, returning home and seeing them all happy you’re back! Well, what if we told you that […]

Top Ten Reasons To Attend Our New Jersey Adult Housing Seminar This Week! and The Crossing Bridges team have partnered together to organize an event for YOU! This Thursday, September 15th, at 6:30 PM, they will be holding a New Jersey Adult Housing Community Seminar at 4001 Hylan Blvd, Staten Island! Here are the Top 10 reasons why you should join us […]

Disco Unlimited Seeks the Tech Corner’s Help!

Disco Unlimited is a disco cover band from Brooklyn, New York. Mac Daddy, one of the band members, called for Mandy Mac’s assistance in some computer help in the band’s Boogie Minute: Tech Edition! Check out the video below! Be sure to tune in every Friday for a brand new […]

Top Ten Reasons To Sign Up For SI-DEX

Technology has played a great role in helping consumers make better choices in home purchases, values, and more. has recognized that and launched a new website:! SI-DEX is a home valuation system for Staten Island residents! While we can go into a full introduction explaining what it is […]