Top Ten Staten Island Fall Activities

The first day of autumn has arrived and we are excited! Begin getting ready for the change of weather with cozy sweaters, hats, and warm drinks. Do not forget to also kick off the season with a To-Do list perfect for Staten Island fall activities! Fall Decor. Swap your throw […]

Tech Corner: Google OnHub Router

Routers are not the most attractive device in the room. With all the wires and blinking lights, it can highly unappealing to look at. Despite the physical appearance, they are complicated to setup and you always feel like you are troubleshooting the problems on it. Enough is enough!   The […]

Top Ten Tips for Non-Morning People

Mornings are like Mondays; most people do not like them. Waking up is hard to do when you are not a morning person. Luckily for you, we have ten tips that will get you moving in the morning and hopefully begin to enjoy the sunrise hours. Get ready the night […]

Tech Corner: 3D Printing Your MakeUp!

We are waiting for the time when you will not have to run to the store to pick up make-up. That time may be closer than we expected. We will soon be able to 3D print our make-up!       Mink X Maker is a 3D printer for makeup. […]

Top Ten Things We Love About Fall

Between the summer leaving us yet another year, school starting, and the sun setting earlier, fall tends to leave us feeling a little down in the dumps. Rather than focusing on the bad, we remind you about some of the great things about the fall season with the 10 things we […]

Tech Corner: 6th Sense Live Technology by Whirlpool!

Everything else in your home is connected wireless, so why not include your laundry room and your kitchen!? Whirlpool now offers Wi-Fi connection and smartphone app control for several of their heavy-duty home appliances. The Whirlpool Smart 6th Sense Live Technology series includes a front load washer and dryer, dishwasher, […]