Tech Corner: Gear Up Your Halloween, The Tech Way!

Whether you attended New York’s Comic Con, or watched as it flooded your social media feed, there are chances you saw the most amazing cosplay ever! The Iron Man Hulkbuster armor was 9.5 feet tall, weighed 95 pounds, and took 1,600 hours to build! This handmade costume won the NYCC’s […]

Rules and Information for’s 2015 Halloween Home Decorating Contest!

The most spooktacular time of year has kicked off with the third annual’s Halloween Home Decorating Contest! Submissions into the contest have been open for almost a week. We have received a line-up of many amazing and frightful homes. While the last of the entries submit their home’s into the contest, […]

Top Ten 2015 DIY Halloween Costumes

After have decorated your home, the next step for Halloween preparation is your costume! Have you settled on what you are going to be this year? Do not fear! We have created a list of the Top Ten DIY Halloween costumes for 2015! Marty McFly: Being that Marty and Doc time […]

Tech Corner: The Ring Video Doorbell

Wink presents another compatible product, The Ring Video Doorbell will make the perfect addition to your home, just in time for Halloween! Ring is the most advanced doorbell that allows you to answer the door from anywhere! The Ring will bring convenience, monitoring, and security to your home. Ring streams […]

Top Ten Halloween Decorating Ideas for 2015!

Halloween marks the start of the holiday season! Before the stores declare it Christmas season, if they have not already, let us begin decorating with the spooky additions you must add into your delightful, yet frightful display. We give you the top ten Halloween decorating ideas for 2015! Floating Witch Hats […]

Tech Corner: NASA and Google Creating a Super Computer with Quantum!


Not only has NASA found traces of salt water on Mars, they have teamed up with Google to create the most powerful computer of its kind. This quantum computer will be used for tackling the most difficult optimization problems for both Google and NASA. Below, we have broken down all […]