Top Ten Homemade Cleaning Products

We are on a cleaning spree here at! Get ready for the next step: whether you are just cleaning or prepping your home to sell…its scrubbing time! Store-bought cleaners are filled with harmful chemicals and funny fumes that should not be inhaled. We want everyone in your household to stay […]

Tech Corner: Star Wars Themed Holiday Gifts!

We want you to get a head start on your holiday shopping! If you have a Star Wars fan within your household, these gadgets and merchandise will make the perfect purchase for them! (Or at least good enough to learn what is out there…in a galaxy, far, far, away.)   […]

Top Ten Thanksgiving Tabletop Decor

Hosting a wonderful gathering can come with just some pressure. It is time to set aside the stress and put Pinterest musings to the test! Thanksgiving is the best excuse and perfect time for tabletop styling! We have the recipe for your success that will impress your friends and family! With […]

Tech Corner: Learning Code with Star Wars!

Catch up to the digital age by learning the handiest skill there is to have today: coding! And what better way to learn than by using a Star Wars themed tutorial. We first discussed how girls can learn to code using the Jewel Bots bracelet. Now, we can learn from […]

Top Ten Way To Be Happier In Your Home

There is one place in the world that should always make you feel happy and that place is your home. Use these ten ways to ensure that you are always feeling gratified in your home. Make Your Bed. This simple task will take you about three minutes to accomplish each […]

Top Ten Movies to Improve Your Mood

Are we all feeling the Fall-back blues? Are school assignments, work schedules, and the cooler weather bringing you down? Watch these top ten movies that are sure to put you in a better mood! Midnight In Paris. Leave it to Woody Allen to make a film that is a literary daydream […]